"Earnest and soul-searching poetess sought uncomplicated three-chord wizard for regular intense collaboration.....and Ian found Rach. Funny how things turn out innit? I write stuff, always have done, always will...and sometimes it's nice to turn it into songs."(RW - 2007)
Rachel & The Lawn Grower
"With the voice of an angel and the eyes of a demon Rachel Watson can melt your soul with her singing!".

Despite little or no 'previous experience' Rachel has proved she's one of the most soulful and moving singers around, mix that with her heartfelt poetic lyrics and you're in for a treat.

Ian was a founder member of 'post-punk/art rock band
'Beyond The Implode' and played in many bands over the years as well as working as a live sound and recording engineer.

"I developed a unique way of retuning my guitar but unfortunately I also developed a serious spine problem which left me unable to play"
(IG  -  2007)

After 2 years away from music and a lot of physio therapy Ian finally got back to playing and recording and the collaboration with Rachel was born.

"It's one of those situations where the whole is so much greater than the sum of its parts"
                                         (Mark Rosney - Dandelion Radio DJ)